Why Branding for your Fashion Business Really Matters

why-branding-mattersAs fashionistas, we all know that having great branding is a must.

Inside my Facebook Community, I’m constantly looking at other people’s websites, and I have to be honest: a few times, I find myself very surprised at the look of someone else’s website.

And here’s the thing: there are thousands of people (or more) who are doing the exact same things as you. Which means that in order to stand out, you need to have stellar branding.

And by “branding,” I don’t only mean your website.

For me, branding is just more than a good-looking website. Branding is also your message, and all of the images that you share online.

There needs to be consistency, and everything needs to match: always use the same colors, the same kinds of images, and always the same fonts.

So if you’re writing a Facebook post, then the image should also have a similar style to the images on your website, including, as noted, always using the same colors and the same fonts.

And this should be done for everything you post online.

People should have a cohesive experience.

From the moment they land on your website, to when they sign up to your email list; from the emails they receive, to the social media posts they see from you!

As I mentioned before, as fashionistas targeting other fashionistas, this is super important! We like visuals, and we have good taste, don’t we? :)

So let me ask you this: which brand will give you more confidence to buy from, one that appears randomly pieced together, with no common aesthetic to their branding, or a cohesive-looking website with nice branding that actually matches?

You know which one, right?

And if you don’t get this part of your business right, then you won’t be able to play with the big guys.

And I believe that playing big is super easy!

Today, you can build a great-looking website in just a few days, and for a very low investment; talk about playing big, right?

Yet when I share this idea with people, they don’t want to invest even a $29 monthly fee just to have a good looking website! Unfortunately, if this is you, you will never make it; yes, that’s bad news :(

But think about it: how are you going to make it big if you’re unwilling to invest such a small fee to grow your business?

It breaks my heart to see people who, deep down, I know won’t make it, simply because they’re unwilling to invest in themselves and their brand.

And if you keep treating your business as a hobby, then you certainly won’t make it.

Every business owner knows: you need to invest to make money.

Of course, branding is just one piece of the puzzle. Just because your branding is great, doesn’t mean your sales will be great. 

With branding comes promotions and marketing, which means sharing your brand every single day. When you do this and your brand looks good, then people will start paying attention.

And that’s what’s important: your dream customer paying attention! And remember, we all have different dream customers.

For example, my dream customer likes pink, but chances are that yours prefers green, or purple, or maybe pink just turns her off!

So you need to understand who you are marketing to, so she feels attracted to you.

This is why branding is so important. You want the right people to feel attracted to you, and the people who are not your dream customers might not be the “right people” for you. And that’s okay!

If you’re really serious about making it happen for yourself, you must work on your branding!

To recap:

Always use similar types of pictures.

Always use the same colors. (Three colors is good, and always have one that remains dominant.)

Always use the same fonts.

If you do this for every single post, email, and everything else you send to your customers, then they will perceive your brand so much better!

After all,  it’s all about perception.

To your success,


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