How to Use a Sales Funnel for My Fashion Biz

How to use a Sales Funnel for your Fashion BusinessI’ve been hearing a lot about Sales Funnels lately.

If you don’t know what they are, don’t worry. Stay with me, and I’ll explain what the buzz is all about.

It seems to me that many fashion entrepreneurs feel intimidated by the term “Sales Funnel”.

So much so, that they choose not to even investigate.

That’s why I was called to write this post.

Because I wanted to share how easy it actually is to create a Sales Funnel, and show you exactly how you can begin implementing one right away!

At this point, if there is one thing you need to know about me, besides that I’m a huge fan of building a strong Mindset, it is that I’m a big fan of List Building!
Step 1 to start building your list is to give your potential customers some value in exchange for their email address.

Times have changed. Nowadays, people do not give their email to just anybody!

We, as a society, became smarter in regards to whom we give our contact information (btw, I truly appreciate you trusting me in this respect).

So, giving killer value is the way to attract and then earn the trust and loyalty of your list.

I call this a Freebie, and it can come in a form of a guide, checklist or even a giveaway!

This is what you give them in exchange for their email.

And unfortunately, this is where most of you stop! If you do this, then you are leaving lots of money under the table.

Why? Because your are missing a big piece of List Building pie, which is building a relationship with the list you worked so hard to attain!

When someone signs up for your list, this is when she is the most interested in your products or services.

In fact, it’s when she has you and your brand top of mind.  You threw out a line with your Marketing activity, and she took a great big bite.

So, nurturing this new relationship is the smartest way to strengthen your list loyalty, leading, most importantly, to you making sales!

Of course this is most important, because at the end of the day we are in business to make money, am I right?

However, it’s also very important that your product or service make her life a little bit better.

You might be asking, how, by selling a product (a bathing suit in my case), would I make her life better?

The way I see it is, if she buys a bathing suit from me, I know for a fact that she will feel amazing in it! She will turn heads at the beach, and her confidence will go sky high. Does this not make her life better? I think so!
Going back to how we build a relationship with a new prospect, and thus make a sale. I have one word for you…Email.

Step 2 is creating an email marketing follow-up sequence!

This follow-up sequence should be no less than 5 emails.

And in this sequence of 5 emails, you need to start by building the relationship and end by asking for a sale.

This is what you call a Sales Funnel.

The reason why you call it a Sales Funnel is because it works like a funnel, it starts big and ends small.

Chances are only a small percentage of the people who sign up for your Freebie will end up making a purchase at the end of the funnel.

However, there is something that I can assure you.

If you know your Dream Customer like your BFF, and you know what problems you solve for her, and you show her that in your follow-up email sequence, then more people will be buying from you at the end of the funnel.

This is just one of my specialities: Making sure your Sales Funnel works!

I still remember when I first implemented this strategy few years ago, and to be honest, I didn’t kill it at the beginning. No one was purchasing.

I remember working with my coach at that time, going piece by piece and figuring out why my list just wasn’t converting. And, like everything in Marketing, it’s matter of tweaking until it works. 
At the end, it always does!

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