The Key to Your Success as a Fashion Entrepreneur

The key to your success as a fashion entrepreneurIf you’ve read my previous emails or my about page, you know that last year I completed a one-year Coaching Certification Program.

The reason why I signed up was because I thought that in order to make money as a consultant I needed to learn how to coach. Everything that has happened in my life and all that I have achieved has made me an avid believer in investing in myself and accelerating the learning experience.

What I learned during my training was a powerful framework that really works!

You see, most of the women that I studied with started having astounding success applying these tools. These were mainly Business Coaches, learning to teach others how to coach.

Not sure if you know, but the Coaching Industry is one of the fastest growing Industries out there! So it makes total sense that these ladies were killing it!

From the beginning I realized that most of their success was due to them mimicking the same framework we were studying. To be honest, at the time, I had a “negative belief” that this framework would only work for Coaches, not necessarily for me.

What I discovered as time went on is that, in order to become a successful entrepreneur, whether a coach, fashion biz owner, plumber or whatever you choose, we ALL need to master the same basics of behavior and thinking! In fact, there is no difference at all in being a Coach or a Fashion Designer!

So, finally, I realized what I had was a big advantage! There was no other Fashion Consultant out there who was teaching what I had learned about the power of the mind, and that’s why you’ll hear me talking a LOT about Mindset!

Success is 80% Mindset and 20% Taking Action! Having the right Mindset is that huge!

At this point I have invested over $35k in myself and my education, and I know that I will keep on investing! By investing in myself I’m growing not only as a business woman but also as a person!

Money that is invested in improving yourself is like positive energy in that, as we release energy out into the world, we leave room for even more to come back to us!

And here is where I want you to understand something very important:

If you truly believe in your Success then you need to invest! There is no way around it!

And I’m not telling you this as some ploy to hire me as your consultant (even though I’d love to help you). I’m telling you this honestly to stop the fight with yourself, so that you can finally make a change!

You are at a crossroads now and can invest even more in your business, in the form of perhaps a Trade Show, or you can invest in yourself in the form of a Coach. I was once in your shoes, and I first chose to spend my money on Trade Shows, and unfortunately I didn’t do well. However, as soon as I hired my first Coach I made more money in a few months than I had in a year doing it the old way!

Disclaimer: When I hired my coach I had thousands of dollars of inventory sitting in my house, I had a loan which needed to be repaid, and I was sick and tired of trying things without any success!

What I learned by this experience is something very simple: If you want to have a different result you need to make a change! My change was hiring my Coach, and together with him I changed my habits which brought me the sales I desired!

It worked for me and I know it can work for you too.

This is the Key to your Success!



So I ask: What are you willing to change in order to have a different result?


As always, to your fabulous success,

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