The best way to turn your Facebook Fans into paying customers for your fashion online store

Turn Facebook Fans into Customers Formula


Would you like to discover the formula that will convert your Facebook fans into paying customers for your online fashion store?

I used to wonder what the secret was…

I was working so hard to create new likes on Facebook, but for what? None of those new likes were buying my swimwear. I was spending time and effort for nothing!

I thought that there had to be a “magic” formula to converting those likes to sales, and luckily I found it, and the results are well worth it.

And then I sit back and wait for the purchases to start rolling in! Well, no sitting back. I need to get busy preparing for the orders!

So let’s dive deep into my “magic” Formula.



How to turn Facebook Fans into Customers Fashion Online Retail


Step 1: Create a Contest. 

You must be thinking, how a contest, which entails giving away something for free, will help you attract paying customers.

Well I used to think just like you!

However, I started realizing the POWER of Email Marketing and what a huge part it is in this formula. So stay with me.

Now, to create a contest you can use Contest Domination. They make it fast and simple. Then install your contest into Facebook. Make sure that you require entrants to provide their names and an email addresses.

Step 2: Create an ad to promote your contest. 

You can either promote the contest to your fans, (less expensive), or promote your contest to your competitor’s fans. Your goal here is to get as many ideal customers as possible to sign up for your contest.

Step 3: Set-up your follow-up sequence. 

You need to create an auto-responder in your email service provider.

You should set it up to deliver at least five emails. The goal of these emails is to build TRUST, to paint you as an EXPERT in your field, and to develop a RELATIONSHIP with your new prospective buyers.

Your Email Sequence Should be as Follows:


*EMAIL #1) Thank you for signing up for my contest! (Send immediately after contest sign-up.)

*EMAIL #2) Explain why you do what you do. (Send three days after Email #1)

*EMAIL #3) Give value. For example “How To Mix Colors This Summer” (Send one week after Email #2)

*EMAIL #4) Give more value. “Five Ways To Rock Your Bikini This Summer” (Send one week after Email #3)

*EMAIL #5) Promote your product and give them an incentive to buy. (Send one week after Email #4)


Once you send them an incentive and they become familiar with seeing you in their mailbox over a few weeks, magic begins to happen!

I’ll be honest, I’m tired of finding the same comparison, repeated all over the internet, regarding new buyers.

But I will mention it here because it’s the simplest way to to help you understand. And here it is:

You wouldn’t go to bed with someone you just met, would you?

Well, okay maybe, once, or twice, you did, in the future you would, if the stars were aligned just right.

Hey, no judgement here!

But usually, no, you don’t go to bed with someone you just met. Not unless you set out specifically looking for that “product”, shall we say.

And it’s the same with buyers.  Most won’t buy from you the first time they meet you/see your products, unless they are specifically looking for just that–your products.

But by creating a relationship, and courting fans over time, you will entice them into buying from you.

So this is how you not only turn your Facebook fans into buyers but how you create a Marketing machine. All by setting up a new contest every month!

Of course at the end of the month you name the winner and keep your fans’ interested by announcing your next contest right away.

See how easy it is?



So follow this blueprint and start turning your Facebook fans into paying customers. In less than a month, you will see sales rolling in from them!

I can’t wait to hear your results (or if you have any question) in the comments below!

Agustina Palacio

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