Today I’m popping in to share the Blueprint for Success that one of my clients uses. By showing this I just want to show you what’s possible for you! Before Marcy came to me, she was very confused with how to continue with her fashion line. She’d just come back from a show she invested in, and she’d made zero return on that investment. She was so sad and devastated, and I knew exactly how she felt because I could still remember when I came back from swim shows without making a single sale. But I could see that Marcy...

Your Money Story -

Your Money Story

Have you heard of the term Money Story? Our Money Story is all the belief system we have around money. Our Money Story is probably blocking us from achieving the abundance we want, and the wealth we deserve. Because we, the hardworking women we are, we, deserve so much more!   So, you might wonder, if my Money Story is blocking me from money coming in, what can I do?   Well, there are a few techniques I share with my clients in order to unlock our money story but something that is also very effective that I recommend to anyone is to read Wealth Consciousness books. Those books help you creating a Mindset that attracts money to you ( or anything you want) by...

Planning for your fashion business - Marketing for fashionistas

Planning for your Fashion Business

Are You Strategic Planning for Your Fashion Business?     Does Strategic Planning sound too businessy? Does it sound too hard to do?   So, a little story about how I was introduced to Strategic Planning… A few years ago, I was running my fashion biz in much the same way someone does their hobby, simply doing things when I felt like doing them!   Like waking up and feeling like posting on Facebook, or running a promotion, or sending an email. And, of course, this approach to running my business was reflected in my bank account.   When I started working with my business coach, he introduced me to the concept of Strategic Planning. And even though this wasn’t at the beginning of the...

Money is in the List.

The Money Is in the List

Have you already heard this term? If you have, then good for you! This means you are starting to understand how marketing works. And if it’s a completely new term to you, don’t worry because not so long ago, I didn’t know about it either.   So, for those who don’t know what it means, it means that your bank account will grow as fast as your list grows. However, this is not as easy as it sounds if your list is a “cold” list. A cold list is a list you don’t have a real relationship with. Put simply, it means you don’t love them… and they don’t love you.   A little story about how I learnt about lists the hard way  ...

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I’m Agustina Palacio, mom of 4 beautiful boys, swimwear designer and Marketing lover

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