Your Money Story

Your Money Story -

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Have you heard of the term Money Story?

Our Money Story is all the belief system we have around money. Our Money Story is probably blocking us from achieving the abundance we want, and the wealth we deserve. Because we, the hardworking women we are, we, deserve so much more!


So, you might wonder, if my Money Story is blocking me from money coming in, what can I do?


Well, there are a few techniques I share with my clients in order to unlock our money story but something that is also very effective that I recommend to anyone is to read Wealth Consciousness books. Those books help you creating a Mindset that attracts money to you ( or anything you want) by getting aware of our money story.


Your Money Story is set when we are little kids around 8 years old.  It is based on what our parents, society or whatever we heard growing up. Things like “men are the breadwinners”, “I can’t earn more than my husband”,  “money is the root of all evil”, “if I’m successful, my friends will be jealous and stop liking me”, “I’m no better than my parents, so I shouldn’t make more than they did”,  “I’m not worthy”  are some examples of Money Stories. Does any of those phrases resonate with you? If they do, you probably have a limiting belief around it.


We all have a Money Story that we bring into adulthood where probably won’t serve you anymore. It is very important to know what your own Money Story is and what are your belief around money, so we can start changing it.


Your desire for wealth to make money is actually valid. It is a possibility waiting to happen and when I realized this my life changed! When I learned that it is easy to make money and that is ok to make more money than my husband or even that my partner was not the one responsible to give me wealth but that I could get as much as I wanted…that felt so empowered! And that it is ok to have debt because that meant that I invested in my biz and my life.


The Wealth Consciousness’ book I recommend to start working on this beliefs is the THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill.


This book is key to keep yourself in a positive place when you are trying to build something big. Yes, there will be those days when things don’t work expected and this are the times when you have to read this book and have the support of your Coach. When I was having an off day I wouldn’t let my mind go to that place. I’ll pick up this book and I’ll read it furiously as if my life depended on it.



There will be days when things are no good, and there will be time to hustle, but you need to keep you eye on what is the ultimate goal and what the outcome is going to be and then it will be more than worth it. When you are trying to do something big it is super important to keep yourself into a positive place and keep your vibration high. I would read this book as much as I can. I soak everything that is in that book because I knew I couldn’t go back to my old Money Story, if not I wouldn’t be able to build the wealth I desire.





What is your money story and your money beliefs? Do you see the connection between them and your financial situation?  Let me know about your aha’s moments :)


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