Tired of being the fashion industry’s best kept secret?

Wondering why people aren’t queuing up to buy your products?

Feeling a little stuck with your fashion business and not sure how to fix it?




How it works:

1- You buy Marketing Boost.

2- I ask you questions about your business to identify the one major area you want to focus on.

3- You book a bespoke one-to-one session with me.

4- You send me your answers 24 hours before our session.

5- You come prepared to talk about the one topic you want to focus on. (Why just one topic? We may be good, but it’s simply not possible to cram in 3, 4, 5…20 in-depth topics into one session!)

6- We work together to figure out what’s going wrong.

7- You get actionable steps to take away from the session.

8- You implement your new strategy immediately.

9- You are happy with the results and your increased business success! (While this is, of course, always the goal, I can’t guarantee results because they are based on your own personal efforts and external circumstances out of my control.)


This program is for you if you…

– Have a fashion business already up and running (if you are starting a new business, a single session won’t be enough to have a great impact. I’d suggest Skyrocket your Fashion Biz as a better option).
– Are an action taker and are more than ready to see dramatic improvements in your business.
– Are tired of struggling and trying to break out of the starting blocks.


Sample topics we can work on together:
– Optimize Your Online Fashion Store for Success
– Create a Blogging Strategy
– Create a Facebook Strategy
– Create Facebook Ads
– Create a Social Media Strategy
– Create your List-Building Strategy
– Create Your 90-Day Marketing Plan
– PR for you Fashion Biz


(I’ll be sharing tools that will make implementing any of these strategies a breeze!)
Please note that this is a list of examples of what I work on with my private clients. If you have something else in mind, please send me an email prior to booking your Mini Intensive.
Also, in 90 minutes we can only master ONE of these strategies. If you are looking to get help in all of these areas, I recommend you consider Skyrocket Your Fashion Biz.


Investment for Marketing Boost: $297   



Buy purchasing this service you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions of Sale. Please read carefully before purchasing.



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