How To Manage Your Time Wisely

How to Manage your Time wisely to Grow your Fashion BusinessHappy New Year to you!!!! And what a perfect opportunity to start a new year by having a better Relationship with Time!!!

You know that time is one of the most limited resources we all have, right?

So, managing your time wisely is a must do if you want to become a successful fashion entrepreneur!

In fact, there is NO WAY (I’ve been loving this phrase lately) you can have a successful fashion biz without having mastered your time.

The good news is, this is something that is easy to learn (though, I must admit, it’s not so easy to master).

Being a mom of 4, and having 2 businesses, I had a very hard time mastering my time.

I thought it was impossible to transform my life in this way!

More than a year ago, everything I had to do was in my head, even something as simple as my dentist appointment.

This is not something that I’m proud, of but it was my reality! And my reality showed my lack of organization, especially when I inevitably missed my appointments.

I remember my husband begging me to utilize this tool called, the Calendar!

He is the king of using the calendar, and I can safely say that most successful people are! Even I found out that this is a very useful tool!

Today I’m proud to admit that my life is completely kept by my Calendar.

If it’s not in my calendar, it does not happen!

Believe me, it’s very freeing working this way!

I suddenly have spare time that I thought I didn’t have, and of course, my spare time is also in my calendar!

When I work with my private clients, I make sure they start working with their calendar as well!

And since this tends to be a more challenging than expected for most, I start by utilizing an accountability tool to make sure they do it consistently for the first 2 months!

The reason I do this is because once you start seeing the results of using a calendar, there is no way you won’t keep doing it.

And as with everything, when you keep doing it, it becomes a habit! And this is a habit of a successful entrepreneur.

So, if you want to become a successful biz owner, you better start using it!

I’m going to share few points with you right now, so you can start doing it today!

First, divide your Calendar into 3 different themes (I use a different color for each theme):

1. Self Care
2. Family
3. Business

The reason I add self care is because I know that it is important to take care of your own needs.

You need to be happy and healthy in order to take care of everything else in your life, including your family and your business.

So, I make sure it’s added in your calendar!

Next, I start thinking of the tasks I do every day:

Wake up my kids.
• Get them ready for school
• Drop them off
• Pick up kids
• Soccer
• Dinner
• Kids bed time

Then, I think of all my self care tasks:

• Manicure and pedicure
• Massage
• Facial

Finally, I add my business needs:

Writing weekly emails
• Social media strategy creation
• Social media posting
• Social media engagement
• Creating marketing campaigns
• List building activities
• Checking emails

This is my list of weekly activities, use them as a road map to create your own.

The idea is to list everything you do in 1 week.

Once you have all the different activities (tasks), then it’s time to add them to the calendar.

Start with the family and self care tasks. Once they are in place, follow with the business tasks.

Of course, once you have your calendar finished you have to follow it, and live by it!

I’m telling you this: If you are able to do this consistently for a whole month, you will see a difference.

You will see how much more productive you become, and you will also find that you accomplish more in the same time!

This was a huge breakthrough for me!

And, as easy as it sounds, I know how the “consistency” part can fall apart!

So again, if you are serious about becoming a successful entrepreneur you have to know that there is no way around having an organized calendar!

If you don’t do it, it’s simply because you do not desire to become one so fiercely!

In order to become a successful entrepreneur you need to make changes.

If you don’t make any changes then things will always stay the same.

So, start by doing this small thing, and see miracles happen!

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