How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign for your Fashion Business

How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign for your Fashion Business

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I hope that you are as excited as I am for the information that I’m about to share! Since I’ll be sharing with you how I make money in my fashion business.

If there is something you should know about me is that I’m a huge fan of giving a LOT of Value to your customers and only asking for the SALE a few times!

This might be something different from what you might have in mind since, if you signed up to your favorite store’s newsletter, you are constantly receiving “BUY THIS” emails. Am I right?

In my opinion this is a very aggressive strategy, and by implementing it, what it will cause is that people will stop opening your emails and this is no bueno! If they don’t open your emails then when you are doing a promotion they won’t see it!

So you need to train your people to open your emails! And this is done by giving them a LOT of Value!

If you feel that you don’t have value to add or that you are not an expert in what you do, then you might want to read this!

Now that you know the reasons why you need to give them a LOT of Value, it’s time to learn how you make money. And this is through your Marketing Campaigns!

With your Marketing Campaigns, you are going to promote one specific “action” in a short period of time.

You do this promotion mainly by email, but you can also use your Social Media channels to support your promotion.

I use 3 Marketing Campaigns very successfully and these are the same campaigns I teach my private clients. And today I’ll be sharing with you one of my favorite:

Problem-Solution Campaign:

You first want to have the end result in mind.

Let’s say that your end result is to sell a specific product, which in my case could be one Honey Rider bikini.

Your next step is to start by thinking of all the reasons why they would be buying that product.

Following my example the reasons could be: going on a trip, they need a bikini with a triangle top with support, and they want to use something that will make them stand out.

So with this in mind I start my campaign (which I previously created).

Email #1: Going on a trip email?
Solution: Honey Rider

Email #2: Looking for a triangle top with support?
Solution: Honey Rider

Email #3: Choosing a bikini that is great for your body and that will make you stand out.
Solution: Honey Rider

Email #4: Honey Rider 30% off

Email #5: Last chance to get it at 30% off.

This can be done with few pieces of a Collection (Fall trend), one specific product as I mentioned above, or for everything in the store! You choose!

And if you are a stylist you can do the same and in the last 2 emails offer your Services!

So it’s in this period of time when you are going to bring more sales.

This doesn’t mean that when you send a “value” email you won’t make sales! By sending emails you are sticking in your customer’s mind so as soon as they see your email and they need what you offer there are big chances that they are going to buy!

Do you see how creating Marketing Campaigns are super beneficial for your Fashion Biz?

Do you also understand why it’s very important to give a LOT of Value to your customers and potential customers?

By giving them value you are building a relationship and you are getting your potential customers get to know you better! And trust brings sales!



So now it’s your turn!!!

Go ahead and create  your 1st Marketing Campaign and let me know your results! I’d love to know them!!!

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