Do you really know who your Dream Customer is?

What do you know about your Dream Customer

I used to think Nina Swim’s Dream Customer was: “every single stylish lady around the globe who wanted an amazing bikini”


Boy, I was soooo wrong! And here is one of my big “aha!” moments: not everybody is my Dream Customer. Do you want to know who she really is?


I’m happy to introduce you to Katie.

She is a 35-year old super mom of two beautiful boys, aged two and five. She is always wearing the latest trends. She takes super good care of herself – she goes to the gym five times a week and gets her mani and pedi every Friday after working out. She gets her hair done at least once a week and has a facial every single month.


Katie is a beautiful wife, married to a lovely man who loves her to death and gives her anything she wants. He loves how she always looks so stunning! He feels proud when he’s out with her because every single person who walks by notices her.


They live in a gorgeous house in the NY suburbs and she drives a beautiful Mercedes Benz SUB.


Remember I told you she is a super mom? Well she really is. When her kids get home from school she loves welcoming them and making sure they get their homework done. She prepares a yummy and healthy dinner for her boys, using only the finest organic ingredients.


Since her hubby works a lot, the kids are usually asleep when he gets home. Katie waits to have dinner with him each evening. Yes, she does have some help in the house – that’s what divas have.


In her free time, Katie loves shopping online. She has a pretty decent budget and she makes a good use of it. Her sons are also always dressed beautifully, in the latest designer childrenswear.


She and her husband take twice-yearly romantic mini-vacations to amazing beach resorts. St. Barth’s has always been her favorite, but now she is starting to love Tulum, too.


If it’s August, then St. Tropes or Ibiza are the destination of choice. But Katie and her husband also take another beach trip with their kids (and the nanny), usually to a child-friendly resort!


Katie truly believes that just because she is a mom, it doesn’t mean she must lose who she is: a beautiful and stylish woman! She enjoys going out with her girlfriends and loves showing off her beautiful new possessions.


She is a woman who loves to catch people’s attention in a very sensual way.



I could write about her for hours…but I hope you got the idea…!



Ok, do you think now that I know exactly who my Dream Customer is? Hell, yeah!

So this is what I meant when I asked if you really know who your Dream Customer is.


And the reason why you need to know her so well is because all the copy (written messages) in your website, emails, social media updates, etc, should be talking directly to her!


So, if you know your Dream Customer has her mani and pedi every Friday, you can engage her attention by writing a blog post about the latest trends in nail polish colors. Or, if you know she works out five times a week, you could be sharing with her the latest trends in stylish activewear.


Do you see how important it is to know her? You need to have a conversation with her, but you can’t do this if you don’t REALLY know her.



The great part about all this is that YOU CHOOSE to work with whoever you really want (and love!) to work with. And when you start communicating with her, she will be pulled in by what you say! So, there is no need to sell because she will buy even before you do! And this is Marketing Magic


In my 6-month Coaching program Build Your Online Fashion Empire, I help my clients go really deep so they get to know their Dream Customer as intimately as if they were BFFs. In fact, this is the first – and most important – step we will take together.


Once you know your Dream Customer’s deep desires and preoccupations (because none of us live in a perfect fairy land, after all!), you are well on your way to success.


I’ve created a Worksheet for you to download – you’ll find a lot of questions that will help you to get to know her better!





Download the Worksheet and answer the questions. I’m curious – do you REALLY know who your Dream Customer is?


Please tell me about her in the comments below. I’d love to meet her!



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