How to Convert Traffic Into Sales for your Fashion Business

How to Convert Traffic into Sales for your Fashion BusinessI bet that this is something you are really struggling with.

How do I know?

Because, this is something that comes up in my community often. It’s also one of the things I remember googling like crazy when I was growing my swimwear business.

Chances are that you are looking at your stats and have a couple thousand people visiting your website, but you’re lucky if even one of them buys…right?

Most people think this is a traffic problem, but it is not. It’s more of an attraction problem, and in order to convert traffic to sales you need to fix this problem.

One issue is that your website is not attracting your Dream Customer. Chances are she comes to your site but is not attracted by it long enough to make a purchase.

How do you solve this: You use imagery that she will identify or resonate with, and you share a message that calls directly to her.

Your message needs to be saying this is just for you!

So, these are 2 super important changes that you need to make on your website right now to attract her: Image + Message.

Once you have this in place, you need something else: a Freebie.

A freebie is a piece of information she will love to get in exchange for her email address.

And this is Huge!

Many fashion entrepreneurs offer a coupon code in exchange for their customers email address, and if you do this, not only are you giving them an incentive to buy now, you are getting a direct line to them in the future!

Why is this important?

Because, not everyone is ready to buy right away, and those who do may need a reminder to come back again.

You need to open this line of communication and give them a reason to buy. This is how you build your list from your traffic, and turn that traffic into sales!

Once you have these 2 things in place it’s time to bring in the traffic. Because when you do bring in your Dream Customers, they will take action! They will buy or sign up for your list!

Of course, if you get a sale that is a big win, but even if all they do is sign up for your list you should see that as a huge win as well.

Why? Because, now you have the opportunity to build a relationship with her, and through marketing consistently she will end up buying!

This is one of the ways I convert traffic into customers for my own business. By fixing these two areas on my website and by building a relationship with my Dream Customer.

Remember that your Dream Customer is just like you, so chances are she will want to buy what you are selling.

Now you know! It’s not a traffic problem, it’s an “attraction” problem. Your website needs to attract her and should make her want to stick.

However, this is only 1 of the things you can do, and it’s the perfect place to start. There are many other, more complex ways to turn traffic into customers, and I’ll make sure I cover them in a future post.

To your fabulous success,

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