Blueprint to Create 1000% ROI in your Fashion Business

blueprint-to-create-100-return-on-your-investment-in-your-fashion-businessToday I’m popping in to share the Blueprint for Success that one of my clients uses.

By showing this I just want to show you what’s possible for you!

Before Marcy came to me, she was very confused with how to continue with her fashion line. She’d just come back from a show she invested in, and she’d made zero return on that investment. She was so sad and devastated, and I knew exactly how she felt because I could still remember when I came back from swim shows without making a single sale.

But I could see that Marcy was very committed to her success! She was meeting with other fashion business experts, and she was told to do things that I thought were completely out of reach, things that could only be done if she already had a lot of money in the bank.

This wasn’t her case, though, so we started with what we had.

The first step in her business transformation was working on her Mindset. Mindset is huge!

I know you might think you want to get straight to the action and start creating marketing strategies, but taking care of a internal transformation is what made Marcy’s success inevitable.

In one of our calls she came to me with an Inspired Idea, something she’d taken action on without telling me first (which I love, since I’ve come to find that all the information is already inside you; the problem is that it’s buried so deep that it’s hard to find).

So, she took action and created her VIP Facebook Group, creating a different video each day showcasing different styles she was selling.

This group grew, and fast! In less than a month she reached 1,000 people in her group!

And here comes the part that I feel made the big difference: she wasn’t posting just any video. Marcy was posting videos that showed her group members how to use the items she was offering, and in those videos she was completely herself!

People fell in love with her personality, and that’s why they began to buy from her.

In just one month after she took this inspired action, she made 20K in sales. That blew our minds!

But it showed us what was possible in such a short amount of time.

And guess what? We both agreed that this wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t spent time working on her Mindset!

After all, anything you believe you are capable of doing, is possible.

So take a look at this Blueprint for Success, and consider whether it might work for you!

Just keep in mind, while this blueprint might not work for everyone, there is something that is guaranteed:

If you want to make money, you need to become visible and just be you!

How fun is that? You’re going to get paid to be yourself!

I know it’s a challenge, for some, to make themselves visible. But let me tell you this: by hiding yourself and your amazing products, you’re are not making money!

So if there’s anything that you absolutely need to know about this blueprint, it’s that my client was consistent with her posting in her group, and she was consistent with being herself.

No magic pill, you just get to act natural and be yourself!

Do you want something similar to my client’s success?

These are the steps you need to follow:

Work on Your Mindset: know that success is possible for you, too!
Create a Facebook Group: they’re the new Business Pages! They allow you to interact and engage with potential customers and offer them sales. (This is important: if you post to engage, but you don’t offer anything, then you won’t make any money!)
Create Videos: they’re the fastest way for people to get to know you!
Build Relationships: think of your potential customers as your friends. In fact, most of them could be considered very close friends, since they’re likely to be similar to you!

If you follow these steps, you will have success!

The best part? It doesn’t have to take too long!

In fact, it took Marcy only two months to make 20K, and now she’s having great sales month after month!

The last and most important step of this blueprint is that Marcy invested in herself and her business.

Investing is a huge component to your success. The reason it’s so big is that you have to be able to trust in yourself and be willing to do things that you normally wouldn’t do by yourself.

And when you do this, you become unstoppable!

That’s why if you want to have 1000% ROI (Return on Investment) you need to invest first!

Not to mention having 1:1 accountability, which, for me, was huge in my own success. That’s why I make sure that when I work with someone, I’m there for them!

Hope this inspired you to take action!

To your fabulous success,

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