Become the Face of Your Fashion Brand

How to become the face of your Fashion BrandAnyone who has followed me long enough knows that there are 3 major concepts I use to help build a successful Fashion Brands online, having the Right Mindset, Building Your List, and Marketing to that List.

And now I have a new favorite to add to that list: Becoming Visible.

You heard me say it before, and you’ve even read in my emails that you cannot expect to get a lot of sales if you are not in front of your potential customers as much as you can!

So, becoming Visible is a must! My favorite way of accomplishing this is by YOU becoming the face of your brand.

By “becoming the face” I don’t mean becoming the model (even though I feel that this could be a plus), but becoming the voice and the leader of your brand.

As I’ve mentioned many times, our Dream Customer is just like us. So, if you got to know her and hung out you could become very good friends.

This is exactly what happened to me with my swimwear customers.

When I started becoming more of a “real” person, instead of acting like I was the CEO of a multi-million dollar company in my ivory tower, that’s when my customers started relating with me and started sharing my brand with all of their friends.

This was one of the things that really fired up my rapid growth!

All of the sudden I had all of these customers sharing my website for free!!

How do I know?

Because, at that time I had a “Send a message to your friends” button on my website, and I remember seeing dozens and dozens of emails each day from customers sharing my brand with their friends.

Then I was able to get in contact with those friends, and I made more sales!

So, becoming more personal as a brand and becoming more you is key to your success.

The internet has created a pool of countless people all doing the same exact thing as we are, so the differentiator needs to be YOU!

There is only one YOU, and that should be the difference between someone buying from you or someone else.

So, share bits of your story and also bits of your personal life so she will relate to you even more!

Yes, most of us sell products, but that isn’t all that defines us, and that doesn’t mean that we can’t also share ourselves, especially with those people that are making our business a success!

In fact, this is what modern Marketing is about.

It’s about building a relationship with your Dream Customer.

And there is no better way to do that than sharing YOU, the person they choose to buy from.

So, you see, it makes a LOT of sense that you should become the face and voice of your brand.

Does it make sense?

I really hope it does!!!

I can see this concept already working for my clients.

When they become the face and voice of their brand, that’s when people start buying from them time and time again! Because they like them, and connect with them, just as you would a friend.

So, how can you start becoming the face of your Brand?


Start by taking more pictures of yourself wearing your products. Even if you are a stylist and you sell your service, take pics of your looks!

Send more personal emails. Share your story and your Big WHY!

Write most, if not all, of your emails, and make them relate to you.

Use more of your true personality, tone, and voice.

Just by doing these few things now, you will notice a big difference in people buying.

DO NOT make the mistake I did in the beginning, where I signed off my emails as “Customer Service”.

Write your emails in your own voice, and sign off as YOU!

Even if you have a brand, the email should be sent by you! There is a person writing those emails….not a company! And people love doing business with other people!

So, go on and take action using all of the tips above and watch your sales grow!!!

To your fabulous success,

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