Am I an expert?

Am I an expert -

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YES! You are an expert in what you do!


This might sound funny to many, but you are an expert! Yes, you are an expert in what you do.


How many hours do you spend studying trends relating to the product you design? How many hours do you spend reading online magazines, looking for similar products to your own? And how many hours do you spend developing your products?


A lot, right?


And certainly a lot more than most people. For example, if you are a handbag designer, I guarantee you spend more time than I do researching the latest looks and trends in bags. You not only know all about the latest up-and-coming designers, but you also know all the bigger brands. You sneak a look at their websites and Facebook pages, and you compare different handbags in magazines. You know how to take care of them, you know how to best use them to accessorize for different occasions… and the list goes on and on!


You are an expert, so please own it!


I didn’t used to “own it” until my eyes were opened by someone else some time ago. And it is true! I spend more time than “normal” people looking at swimwear. I know all the big brands, and all the new brands as well. I sneak a peek at their websites whenever I can, and I’m always watching what they do. I love looking for new ideas so I search through literally hundreds of magazines! I live and breathe bathing suits! I love bathing suits and I could wear a different one every single day of the year! So hell, yeah! I’m an expert!


The good thing about owning it is that now you will feel more confident in writing about your topic, because you know you are an expert. So, you’re in the perfect position to share tips and tricks about how to wear something, or how to take care of it. This valuable knowledge is exactly what you have to share with your customers and potential customers.


You should give them as much value as you can. You should teach them how to wear things, or show them different ways of wearing the same item. You have far more ideas than the average person, so please use this knowledge! If you ever feel stuck when it comes to knowing what to write about or what to post to your social media accounts, then think again! Because you have far more to share than you might at first realize!





Your time is now! What is your area of expertise? What do you design? I’d love for you to share your expertise with me in the comments below!


Agustina Palacio

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