How to Achieve a Freedom Based Fashion Business

How to Achieve a Freedom Based Fashion BusinessDo you dream of having a Freedom Based Business?

I bet you do! To me, having a Freedom Based Business means working from home, having a virtual team, taking vacations whenever I want, buying what I want with my own money and not having to hide it from my hubby…LOL!

I have 4 kids, so my type of Freedom is not living a “Laptop Lifestyle” which means working from everywhere in the world. To me the best and most important quality of my Freedom Based Business is becoming financially independent! This is what Freedom means to me!!!

Becoming financially independent was my dream! That is why I started my swimwear business, and also why I followed that with Marketing for Fashionistas.

Because I want you to experience financial freedom too!

The best feeling when you have your own business is checking your bank account and seeing money there to indulge yourself or invest back into your business.

How about not having to hide purchases from your spouse because you are earning your own money and can buy what you want!

Inviting girlfriends for dinner!

Buying flowers for yourself!

Feeling happy about your life, because it’s not such a struggle!This is exactly how my life is now!

But, this wasn’t always the case.

In the beginning, every bit of money I earned with my swimwear had to be put directly back into the business.

There was never money left over for me. I didn’t feel like a success and I didn’t feel free.

I struggled for too long!!!!

The good news is, this doesn’t have to happen to you!

You don’t have to struggle like I did. You know why?

Today, making money selling your fashion products and services is easier than ever!!!

The Internet has made it easy, and sweet :)

All of our potential customers are hanging out online, shopping, and more importantly, buying!

And, with the right strategy getting in contact with them is easier than ever, and in most of the cases it’s free!!!!!

Think about this for a minute: Not so long ago, if you wanted to get in touch with potential customers you needed to advertise in magazines, on the radio, or through dreaded telemarketing, etc, etc!

All of it was expensive, and made it very hard for a small business to make headway.

Today, we all have the same opportunities online!!!

The difference is the big players have teams of marketers and giant budgets on their side, so they can better take advantage of all of these opportunities.  They make it look easy.

This was my problem, I thought I could simply follow what other brands were doing, figuring it all out along the way.

In reality, I was missing out BIG time! I couldn’t do it just like them, I had to create a strategy that worked for my business specifically. But where to start!

When I finally decided to hire a business mentor my earnings went from $400 to $48K in 3 months!!!!

All because I invested in experience, and a tried and tested strategy tailored to my business.

Believe me, you probably think you know exactly what to do, and think you can figure it all out on your own, but as I learned the hard way, this is the biggest waste of your time.

And wasted time is lost earnings!

One of the biggest lessons I learned from my mentor is that every action you take in your business requires strategy!

And this is the first thing I start working on with my clients.

We set up a strategy, and we take action on every single step!

You don’t have to do this by yourself. If you do, chances are it will take you a long time to figure it all out and you will get frustrated, just like I did!

And as I mentioned above, it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

Whatever Freedom Based Business means to you, it can happen!

Of course, it takes some serious action, but the type of action I’m talking about is smart, strategic action!

For me, freedom means working from my home, having financial independence, and taking as many vacations I want!

I made all of this a reality.

I just came back from a 3 week vacation and I didn’t even have to worry about shipping.

Why? I use a fulfillment centre!

So, as you can see, there is nothing that you cannot have or do.

It’s a simple matter of knowing what Freedom Biz means to you and taking action on a daily basis to make it happen.

Now it’s your turn?

What does a Freedom Based Business look like to you?

Email me and let me know!

To your fabulous success,

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