5 Reasons Why You Will Never Become A Successful Fashion Designer Selling Your Products On Etsy

Successful Fashion Designer on Etsy

I am an online shopaholic.

There, I said it! I love to shop, period, but since shopping online became so easy, it’s been my shopping obsession.

Everything that I wear, I buy online. But, I’ve never bought any fashions from an Etsy shop. Why?

Well, every time I’ve searched for an item online, and Etsy pages appear in the search results, I’ve ignored them.


And I imagine that the items surely can’t be high-quality.

I’m not exactly sure where I got this idea, and I could be wrong; there may be some fashion-forward and high-quality products on Etsy. But I’ve decided that it’s not worth it for me to look for them.

I wondered if anyone else felt like me.

So I decided to conduct a mini-survey of my closest and most fashion-savvy friends. Interestingly enough, none of them have ever purchased fashions from Etsy either!And they had the exact same reasons as I did!

And that’s where the lesson for you is.

Consider this Fashion Designers: there are probably many online shopaholics out there, just like my friends and I, who just might be hungry to buy your designs. But like us, they likely won’t give you a chance, simply because you’re selling them on Etsy.

(Now there were two times that I went specifically to Etsy to shop, but I was looking for specific items– unique handcrafted thank you cards, and name-tags to stick on my kids clothing. But to look for fashions—NEVER!)

Besides, I really believe that Etsy is for lazy people!

Creating your own online store takes more time and effort.



And this is not usually the case for Etsy. In my research I didn’t come across too many happy sellers.

But just two short years ago I thought about Etsy in a completely different way. Why?

Because two years ago the options that we have now to create our own online stores simply did not exist.


So if you want to play big in the game of fashion you need to create your own online store.


Etsy will never give you the chance to become a successful fashion designer.

Here are my top five reasons why:

#1: List Building

The biggest asset of any online business is the LIST!

A strong and well-mantained list is your core. You can’t build and maintain a list within Etsy.

Your online store website should be optimized to get customer’s email information to begin building a relationship with them.

It takes lots of dedication to maintain your LIST, and its worth it!


#2 Blog:

If you want to sell your fashion line online you must have a BLOG!!

Not only does this create more traffic (as buyers search the web for products) but surely some of those visitors will become customers.

A blog also adds personal value to your brand, and creates a culture that your customers can relate to.

With regular blog updates you build your community, within your online store, thereby creating a long-lasting and personal relationship with your buyers!


#3: You Are In Control

When you settle for placing your store on Etsy, or any similar marketplace,  you cheat yourself out of full control.

Your Etsy store could be shut down without notice.

When I decided to write this blog post I did my research and guess what? I found case after case of Etsy store owners whose shops were shut down, for simple mistakes made by the owners, or for no clear reason!

That’s the power that bosses have. But when you own your own store, you’re the boss!


#4: Too Much Competition

The two times that I did search Etsy for particular items, I jumped from one store to another in just a few minutes, forgetting completely about the previous one.

Have you done that too?

There is just too much competition!

So though you may have beautiful products to sell, they are difficult for buyers to find.

When potential buyers search, they see your product, then a similar product shows up, and BOOM, you’re forgotten!

When you own your own website your products don’t compete with other similar products. Because there aren’t any others on the site. It’s your site!


#5: Having Your Own Website is Now Easier Than Ever!

I am serious!

Today there are so many options to build your online store, and in just a few hours!

But not just a simple store, you could have The Best!

I’m a BIG fan of Shopify. This is not only what I use to sell my swimwear online, but I recommend it to everyone who wants to start selling online.

Or if you are selling elsewhere and you’re not happy with how your store looks, (this is what happened to me), you should build a new store with Shopify.

Shopify is not only easy to build, but it has the most modern and up-to-date designs.

Most are created by high-end web designers, so for a fraction of having a custom shop elsewhere, you can have the same for a very low monthly fee at Shopify.

But I can talk about Shopify for hours. It changed my business in a big way and I am sure that it will do the same for you!


Now It’s Up To You

I’ve shown you 5 Reasons why you will never become a successful fashion designer selling your products on Etsy. Now are you ready to create your own website to sell your fashion line?

What are you waiting for?

Once you invest in it you will be well on your way to become a successful fashion designer, with a steady stream of loyal and raving fans knocking down your (virtual) door!

So what do you think? Have you had experience with any of these points? And what would you add to the list? And if you have any questions, just leave it in a comment! I’d love to hear from you :)


Comments (3)

  1. Dawna DLF November 17, 2014

    I agree with you totally. I put my high end tees on Etsy and didn’t sell one! However, I know of people who have their own website and don’t sell much either.

    • Agustina November 18, 2014

      Hey Dawna, thanks for sharing! They are not selling in their own website because they aren’t building a relationship with their “list”. It takes time to build and nurture your list but when it’s done right then they start buying. I’m living proof of that! =) And in Etsy you can’t do this. This is why it’s so important to have your own website so that you can build an amazing relationship with your list.

    • Agustina January 22, 2015

      Hey Dawna, I think I never got back to this one…sorry! The reason why they might not be selling is simple: They don’t have a list and they are not marketing consistently to that list. If they were, they would be having sales :) xx

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