3 Simple Steps to Bring Money to Your Fashion Business FAST!

Bring Money to Your Fashion Business

The Celine Bag – Found in Pinterest

I’m going to get a little bit “woo woo” in this post, but trust me that what I’m about to tell you really works!


Before I tell you how you too can quickly make money from your fashion business, I need to tell you a little story.


Two years ago, I found myself standing in front of the bathroom mirror, crying, and asking WHY I couldn’t make money selling my products? WHY did other designers who’d started later than me seemingly have it all?


I felt that I was missing something, and I asked God (and the universe) to help me find the answer.


So, days passed by and, as usual, I continued to work on my line daily.


Out of the blue, an email showed up in my inbox and immediately caught my attention. Now, this email was from someone I not only follow, but who I trust to death.


And this email was about how we sabotage our mind by constantly thinking negative thoughts (more about this in a little while…).


Let me tell you something: I truly believe it was fate that this email was sent to me at this exact moment. It lead to a big breakthrough that changed my life! After I started applying what I’m about to show you, I started making money selling my swimwear online and FAST!


We Fashionistas constantly want beautiful designer clothing, bags, shoes, a beautiful home decorated by a top interior designer, an expensive car… and the list goes on! Let’s face it: we desire material things more than anyone else. And you know what? Desiring these things is totally ok!


I used to think that by desiring so many material things I was a materialistic woman, but the universe proved me wrong.


The day I stopped thinking this way, amazing things began to happen. For instance, I received a completely UNEXPECTED check for $3000 in the mail and was able to buy that beautiful Celine bag I so desired!


So, going back to the negative thoughts, aka Limiting Beliefs. These are the deeply-held beliefs that prevent us obtaining everything we want, and are mostly formed during childhood. These beliefs affect our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and actions, and they literally shape and dictate our reality. They are the blueprints that build our entire world.


The good news is that we can change our beliefs but it takes a lot of work and requires us to dig deep within ourselves.


For example, let’s take the Celine bag story.


One of my best friends is super lucky and buys any new designer bag on the market that she wants. One day, when I picked her up for our Girls Night Out, she was carrying this stunning red Celine bag that was sooooo beautiful, I almost cried when I saw it.


Instead of feeling sad and frustrated that I couldn’t have it, or jealous of my friend for having it, or guilty for not deserving it myself, I simply felt happy for her. She looked so stunning that she made the bag look even more amazing, and not the other way round.


Before starting on my self-development journey, I would have felt envy, or would have been frustrated. These negative feelings would have focussed on the absence of that Celine Bag in my life. My negative thoughts and feelings would have been a powerful indicator of what was going on internally. But instead, I chose to feel happy for my friend.


What I did here was change a negative belief I had about not deserving the bag. By confronting this belief, and turning it around, I was now thinking differently, and was able to bring that Celine bag into my life instead of pushing it away!


So, these are my Steps to Bring Money to Your Fashion Business FAST:


Step 1) Think about what makes you feel envious or frustrates you, and about things other people have that you feel you don’t deserve. Try to think about WHY you feel this way.


Step 2) Once you understand why you feel envious or frustrated, write it all down on a piece of paper and acknowledge the reasons.


Step 3) Be open and loving, and desire the things you want, but without negative feelings. Simply open yourself up to the possibility of receiving what you want.


The things you desire don’t have to be something tangible, like a bag. Think about your biggest competitor who is doing so well! She is receiving so many orders from buyers that she can barely keep up with them.


Instead of feeling jealous and frustrated, go through the steps above and acknowledge why you are feeling the way you are, and write it all down. And then allow yourself to feel completely open to receiving orders. Be prepared, because if you truly desire this with no negative thoughts attached to it, chances are that it will happen :)





Think about something that is frustrating you and go through the steps above. It is very important that you are honest and acknowledge exactly why you are experiencing negative feelings, and stop them! Then, simply open your heart and your mind… and wait. Amazing things will happen.

In the comments below, I would love to hear about what’s frustrating you. If you are willing to follow the steps above, consider writing your explanations here so they are even more powerful.










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